Avg Toolbar bundled with install

I have been notified I need to download a more up to date version of PDFCreator. When I go to install, I get to a window that requires I install the AVG Toolbar. I have reread this window multiple times-and see no option to not install it. I have used PDFCreator for years, but if I can not install it without this toolbar, that will be the end. Am I missing something?


(Clearly, I couldn't get the screen shot to work...)

Maybe it is "too easy": Select custom (instead of express) installation on the AVG screen and make sure the the checkboxes are unset (this is the default)

Then you won't get the software.

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Easy or not but even after unmarking AVG options we still must "agree" with AVG licence and policy to install PDFCreator... what makes us "liars"... :>

Same comment.  If I am unable to install PDF creator without AVG toolbar. that will be the end of many years of use of PDF creator.  We had the choice in previous versions.  Now  with version 5.1 we don't have that choice anymore.  To bad.

@Timide: Not installing the AVG Toolbar is very easy, as I said before. On the AVG screen, you simply can switch from "Express" to "Customized" install, and all check boxed there will be unchecked. Thus, the Toolbar will not be installed.

@TPR75: I have to admit that the text still claims that you agree with the AVG Terms of Services, which is confusing. Nonetheless, you won't get the Toolbar if you use a custom install (and make sure the checkboxes are not set, but that is the default for custom install anyway)

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True. I was cautious and I marked proper option (which "name" was meesleading in Polish translation) at a very beginning of instalation, changed from "express" to "non-standard" and uptade from 1.2.3 version was correct.


please stop creating tons of new accounts on this site. Just create one (that's not associated with bugmenot or similar services) and use that. This makes discussing with people easier, as you know that it is the same person as last time.

Even if you "have" to accept the AVG terms, nothing will be installed or transmitted to AVG if the options are unchecked and as a first step, we will hide the notice when this is the case.The goal is that a single click is enough to unselect the sponsored offer, but the naming is confusing.  We are discussing with AVG on how to change it to be more obvious.

The download size was 18 MB before and now is 28 MB, so it is rather 50% than 100% increase. We don't like that as well and it will be improved in future, but it is not that this is something that makes the download impossible. If someone can download 18 MB, 28 MB is not too much more, though it is always good to keep the setup size down.

90 % of the hosting is done by us these days and the sourceforge downloads are mainly available for your convenience, because the download links tend to not change that fast. We are working together with the guys from sourceforge on making the package 100% compliant with their terms again, but I think you know that already, as it has been throughly discussed.

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hello phillip, well, maybe you could add a note for leave the checkboxes blank ? this would make the people happy. after you told the 'trick' here, I understood. ususally the people wants to cklick something anyway... best regards nayss

There are various issues with the new installer:

1. The installer forces everyone to agree to the license terms of AVG, regardless if you want to install it or not.

2. The installer is now almost twice the size as before, which makes it more difficult and time consuming to distribute or download it (not everyone has a highspeed connection).

3. The AVG toolbar is clearly not opensource, but is now being hosted on Sourceforge. This is not allowed.

So just to be clear, the AVG toolbar is the reason the download size increased from 18 MB to 28 MB?

I`ve been a happy user of PDFCreator since version 0.8. But definitely I   D O N ` T   want to be tricked into the installation of any "Add-on" software like the AVG Security (?) Toolbar, even though I undrstand that the makers of PDFCreator need some sponsoring to run their business. Therefore please modify your installation process for PDFCreator to allow users to only install what they need.

I have to agree with most comments here. The current installer misguides users to install AVG Toolbar, maybe not deliberately, but that's what it does now.


A great open source project as this can do better. A simple checkbox that is present on the default install and can be uncheked to avoid the bunbled software is a better solution, so why not do that? Hiding it behind a wall (custom install) and badly worded options is not the best way to go.

Same here.  I love the tool, and really appreciate all the effort that obviously went into developing it. However, I thought it might be helpful to let you know that I'm currently unable to install the new version because of the AVG licensing requirement.  

Meaning, I recognize that I don't have to actually install the software by selecting the "custom" box and not picking any of the installation choices.  However, by clicking "next", I would be agreeing to the AVG license which has clauses in it that I cannot enter into because it conflicts both with professional obligations as well as my personal code of ethics.  As an example of the kind of thing I mean, I find it unacceptable to enter into a relationship wtih AVG where it "...collects and sends to AVG Technologies certain information ... including certain personally identifiable information as well as certain information from the user’s computer..."  I didn't reproduce it all because of the size of that clause, but the information in question includes things like "...copies of applications, files or programs..."  

Because I will never agree to that personally and am unable to enter into it professionally (due to, for example, contractual requirements to not send certain files to third parties without permission), I can't click "next."  Since clicking "next" is the only way to complete the installer, you can see the difficulty.  The only way to complete the install is to enter into a non-open, non-free license with AVG.  

I'm reinstalling 1.4.3 in the meantime and wait to see if the licensign requirement goes away.  If not, I'll regretfully need to look for a commercial alternative. Like I said... just wanted you to know.

Getting rid of AVG Toolbar


Judging from this thread, I am probably not the only person who installed the toolbar without meaning to.  However, It is well enough behaved that you can get rid of it fairly easilly. Either disable it following the instructions on their web site: http://www.avg.com/ww-en/faq.num-4357 or else use "Control Panel -> Programs and Features" to remove it completely. Be warned that if you do that then all your browser windows will close, without warning.

When will a new version of pdfcreator be released without AVG? We can no longer support/use this software or recomend it to our userrs if spyware like this is bundled with it.






the AVG Security Toolbar is not forced to install, but as I have written further above, the screen is not as abvious as it should be. The acutal process of deselcting it is a single click and we are talking to AVG to get a better screen approved as soon as possible.

Just as a clarification, (speaking for my own experience only) it’s not the installation that’s the issue.  What I can’t do is enter into a contract with AVG.  By clicking “I agree” to the license (the only way to advance the install), I would be consenting to entering into a contract with the folks at AVG.  I’m not able to do this because of policy/contractual/ethical requirements that disallow this. So literally, I cannot use the software until/unless the install changes.  

I absolutely abhor the requirement of PDF Creator to have us install the AVG toolbar without having to do a "custom" install to get rid of it. A simple checkbox to de-select these cursed things during install is what users want and need.

What's worse is that I am sure that, as intelligent designers of software, you folks KNOW what's right and wrong in terms of user-focused design. I bought PDF Architect for this very reason ... it's good software.

Custom installs for most users? No, this is not the way to go. As a user holding a M.Ed.(IT) it is clear that this piece of malware (yes, it is malware) should NOT be part of the PDF Forge experience.


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the AVG can be deselected without a custom install, but from what you wrote I am guessing not by a checkbox but by disagreeing to the licence.