Background not added

Although I checked "Background" and chose a pdf background, whan I open a pdf and save it with the background is not added in saved pdf. I want to add a whole page background. Any help? The profile is correct.
Thank you!

Hi there,

Are you opening the PDF and then printing it to PDFCreator? Please verify.

Which version / edition of PDFCreator are you using?

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Yes,I open it with some program or Pdfcreator and print it to Pdfcreator free v3.3.2 Build 3528.
I want to use a whole page pdf as background.
I configured it in Modify/Background. I did not use any script.
Thank you!

Are you printing from an image file? My guess is that the file might have a white background and therefore the file isn't visible.
Are you able to attach the file here for testing?

I open a pdf file, not image and print it to pdfcreator

Would it be possible to add an option to choose if the background should be added in the background or in the foreground? Thank you!

In the same printing Stamp is applied (I just tested it, I don;t need it). The problem is with background. Please help.

Please send me the background file via private message. We will need to look at that / test it out in-house.

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Would it be possible to add an option to add the background in the foreground or the background of the pdf? Thank you!