Bad Print Out. Possible bug (Solved)

In using a program called Kicad for circuit boards I attempted to print to pdf using pdfcreator. The print is atrocious as can be seen in the screenshot I included. If I print to a physical printer from Kicad all is fine so there is a problem with pdfcreator. I also tried all profiles included, as well as downloaded the latest creator with same results.

Looks like problems with the width of lines.
Which dpi are you using with your physical printer and which with pdfcreator?
Did you test other postscript based pdf printer?
Are you printing on your physical printer with a PCL or a Postsript driver?

I had actually totally forgoten about this post.

The problem is not with pdfcreator, it’s with the program kicad. If I export the files and import onto another program then use pdfcreator to print all is good.