pdfcreator 4.0.4 standalone (NO server). At the office we have many PCs with different OS (Win7 to Win10), ALL of them have MicrosoftOffice Word 2003. At the end of a mail we usually add a digitalized stamp image and signature image (gif with transparency for the background). The generated PDF have very very bad image quality, with blurring edges. I have tested 150 to 600 dpi images, i tried to turn off postscript output, I tried with high quality output ... NO WAY: the PDF is uggly ! The strangest thing is that I don't have the same problem with my home PC (6 year old, Acer Laptop, Win8.1). The same pdfcreator 4.0.4, the same images, the same DPI, the same MicrosoftOffice Word 2003: the output PDF is PERFECT ! PLEASE, HELP !

Hi @erikc,

could you please forward your request and some test documents that show the issue to the support team via the contact form in our knowledge base?