Barely readable application fonts

I am new here, so I say “Hello to all”, and thank you very much for bringing to us this usefull tool.

Just my 2-cent feedback about the fonts used in the PDF Creator application windows under Windows 7.
I find them blurred and lacking contrast ( kind of gray) compared to the default fonts used by Windows itself. It would be nice to make them more readable.

 Note : By the way, I hate this dull, flat, two-color, in a single word boring, Modern/Material UI look we can see everywhere. I hope something more colorful, funny, lively will come soon (or back ?)…


thank you for the feedback,
the contrast and also parts of the look depend on your Windows settings, here is an example how PDFCreator looks with the Windows visual profile set to high contrast (not that this is pretty but it makes the fonts very visible):

best regards