Basic Question about the COM dev API


How does this API work - do I need to have office installed ? (if I want to convert a word document to PDF )

But if I am using office then I have the office COM api - where does the PDFCreator COM API come into place ?

I am confused - any tips will be well received.

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honestly I don’t know anything about the office api, but you will need Word if you’d like to convert a Word document to PDF with the PDFCreator. The COM api is more or less enables “remote control” by other applications or scripts, so you can use the PDFCreator COM api to control settings and tasks in PDFCreator, and the Word COM api for controlling Word settings and tasks. So you might use the Word COM api to create a document in Word and print it to the PDFCreator and then use the PDFCreator COM api to convert it to PDF with specific settings.

hope this helps, if not please let us know what our goal is and we will try again.

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Thank you.

When I use the PDFCreator on my creator, then I open word and click on Print.

I want to programatically print a word document to the PDFCreator printer.

Let’s assume I will use default settings (so no changes there), I just want to print a word document to the PDFCreator printer - what are the pseudo steps I need to take using the COM API ?


I think you can simply print from word using the command line: “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15\WINWORD.EXE” C:\path\file.txt /q /n /mFilePrintDefault /mFileExit if PDFCreator is your default printer and you have enabled auto-save in the profile settings, this should do the job. So you will not need the PDF Creator COM API for this at all. You can have a look at the COM section of the manual or at examples inside the COM Scripts folder (in your main PDFCreator folder) if you’d like to use COM after all.

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