Batch Processing

Hello everybody,

since about 2 days i’m looking for a solution to my specific problem:

Due to security guidelines it’s not possible to access PDFCreator manually.
I’m looking for a solution, where PDFCreator is “listening” to a specific folder (permanently or in time step is irrelevant). Every time a new .pcl file arrives in this folder, i need PDFCreator to print this file into a PDF-file and delete the .pcl after successful converting.

does anybody know a way to solve this problem?

thanks and greetings

if the .pcl-files are files containing esc-sequences for pcl-printers, PDFCreator would not work.

Frank, from the PDFCreator-team (, made a commercial solution called PCLConverter, which does exactly this:
Polling a directory for the presents of defined files with pcl-sequences. If there are any files they will be converted to pdf.
So if this is what you want, send him a message.