Beta Interface

Firstly, I must say how great the current beta is performing for my purposes. If it wasn’t for the “beta” status and likelihood for changes, I would be rolling it out to my entire office.

My only issue is the interface which seems to have a lot of empty space and very large button icons that make the actual content of each screen less prominent and less relevant. This is especially the case on the settings screens but also on the print screen.

I hope you accept this as constructive criticism and not a complaint!


any kind of feedback is more than welcome, especially as well written and explained.

The reason why we have been choosing the big titles in the settings form is that there are more than one logical section within one page and we wanted to make sure that this is recognized on the first glimpse. It can surely be optimized and the titles might be too big in comparison to the rest.

We will put this on our discussion list with the team to see how we can optimize things.

As for the beta status: Most likely with the next release 1.9.3, we will reach a quite stable status, where big changes are no longer to be expected (except for the COM interface, but that should not affect you)  and we can start to give the new version to our translators as well.