Beta version page size

It looks like the chance to modify paper size is missing in the beta release, could you please check ? In the older version this could be accomplished under document properties.


you can simply set the paper size in the application you use to print, so this is not required to set it within PDFCreator. This was a kinf of fallback to force a certain size when the size information got lost and it did not scale the page, so it caused a lot of confusion without helping much. As setting the paper size now works fine, it was not required anymore.

Thanks for your feedback. I think this is straigthforward when using “standard” software. In this case, I generate a postscript file using a unix script called “text2ps” from a text file and send it to a Windows machine using a terminal emulator. The emulator has Pdfcreator as the default printer and what I get out of this process is a pdf form. Thought I devoted some time to learning how postscript works, I am far from being a professional programmer, and it is it is not as simple as selecting “A4” size from a printer setup screen. With the previous versions of pdfcreator I  set up “a4” as paper size and the job gets done somehow.



My solution for this is to print with a Post Save Action and send it to foxit with “/t pdfname printername” arg.

I don´t use foxit but I will give it a try. Thanks for your help.

The only real issue I have with my solution is print speed.  A 3 page pdf with 2 pages of text and a 3rd with a graphic covering 50% of the page (a chart) takes about 60 seconds.  The first two pages come pretty quickly, but it chokes on the last page.  Need to figure out where the bottleneck is.