Black and White option problem

When printing to pdfCreator (latest version) from a Chrome web page, the colour/black&white option does not work…it creates a colour pdf regardless of Chromes print setting (despite Chrome’s print preview showing in B&W if selected). However when printing from Edge web page, the option works as intended. I use Chrome mostly, so I’d rather not have to switch to Edge every time I want to print in B&W to reduce filesize. Is their an explanation/workaround, please?
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you could create an additional PDFCreator printer and/or profile ( and set it to greyscale, which should always create greyscale output regardless of the printing applications settings.
I am not sure what could be causing the actual issue. Does it also create color output on a different printer (can be virtual, e.g. the XPS Document writer)?

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Hi Robin
Yes, I can only get colour with XPS Document writer too. That probably means it’s a problem with Chrome or Windows 10.
Your suggestion of a new pdfcreator profile worked perfectly and has therefore solved my problem and saved me much time.
I’m really grateful for your help. Many thanks
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