Black and White PDF

Good day, i like very much the software since i can automatically create the pdf by just choosing the virtual printer, or either upload automatically the pdf to an email.

Going to the subject of the topic, when i create a pdf by directly exporting a colour jpg from windows image viewer for example, it works perfectly and i think it does for every image viewer/editor, but when i export the image attached with a text from a vfp8 application document, and i open the pdf produced, it shows black&white image. I looked in Pdf Creator (1.2.0) if there was a configuration involved in this, but i didnt find any, so i came here to ask for some help.

I would be very thankful with your answer, since i trust in you about this matter of course so it would give me at least a clue of what to do.

 I'm having the same problem.  Only workaround I've seen so far is when the print dialog box comes up after selecting PDFCreator as your printer, (same place where you specify number of copies, layout, which pages, etc), there is a Black and White option and Color option in the upper left.  Select the Color option.  

  Everything worked fine for me until about a month ago.  Up until then, it always defaulted to Color.  Then suddenly, for no reason, it started defaulting to Black and White.  Now I need to manually select Color every time I print to a pdf.  I've not found a way to configure this default the way I want.  I've even downloaded a newer version of PDFCreator (1.2.3) and that didn't fix it.

  I hope this helps.