Blank application window

I have now installed both PDF creator v3.3 and v2.2.1, and I cannot see anything when I load the application (image below of V2.2.1)

I am running Windows 10 Version 1803 OS Build 17134.376.

Any help would be great appreciated!

Hi @DJL,

it is not supported to run two different PDFCreator versions on one PC. Kindly uninstall both versions and reinstall the one you'd like to use.

Best regards!

Apologies for the confusion, but I meant that I installed v3.3 and it did not work, then uninstalled This version and installed v2.2.1 and it still didn’t work. I do not have both versions installed simultaneously.

Oh.. :sweat_smile:

Kindly try to uninstall the currently installed PDFCreator version and install the most recent following this guide:

After reinstalling, send me the SetupLog from the PDFCreator program folder via direct message.