Blank Page in windows 7 64bit

When I print a test page, I see new 2 files are created in  



I can open and see ps file already. but When I save it to pdf with the pdfcreator interface, it becomes blank page.

I check the xxxx.inf file and found the there are spaces between each charaters, somthing llke this:

[ 1 ]  S e s s i o n I d = 1  W i n S t a t i o n = C o n s o l e  U s e r N a m e = u s e r ... 


[1]SessionId=1WinStation=Console UserName=user ......

if I remove the spaces before save it to pdf with the pdfcreator, it prints successfuly,

May I know what's happening there?







thank you for pointing this out, does this happen with the latest version (1.6.2) ?
Could you send us the .inf file which had the additional spaces, that would be great (



Yes, it is the latest version 1.6.2, I dont have the file with me right now but its nothing more than just one space between each characters.

Just sent the inf the the support group, hope they can solve it.