Blank spaces in file name

I am having a problem with extra spaces in the file name. I am running PDF Creator V3.3.0. I have tried different tokens from the drop down list and they all end up with blank spaces after the file name before the .pdf. This results in an error message when the system then tries to email the file as an attachment as the file it is looking for has no extra spaces - File name that is saved is Inv-0007896 .pdf and the file the email is looking for to send is Inv-0007896.pdf.

I have another computer that is running PDF Creator V2.0 and it does not have this problem. Any ideas? - Just to clarify as well - there are about 10 blank spaces between the file name and the .pdf


I am not able to reproduce the issue here and don't really know what could be causing it. Have you already tried to reinstall? Does this happen in automatic or / and interactive mode?

Best regards


It happens in both automatic and interactive mode. I tried a re-install and it still didn't work.