Bought PRO+OCR still gives me notices about upgrades


I pay a premium fee for the pro+ocr version of pdf architect and i assumed i wouldn't see any popups for upgrades as i have the newest version, but still i am.

You guys really need to put some effort into the ads-program, maybe get options what to see and what not to see.
New updates in major version, notice / popup at start.
New major version, do you want to upgrade? notice / popup at start.
Special offers and promotions. notice / popup at start.



Hi @Zapy,

Thank you very much for your feedback, which I have just forwarded to my colleagues in charge of this notification system / ads.

Please accept my apologies.

Kind regards


Hi @Zapy

Sascha forgot to add that you're able to completely deactivate the notification system:

We'll inform you on our website & social media (twitter / facebook) as soon as a new PDF Architect version is released.



Thank you, i found those options yesterday but still wanted to give some feedback on what you guys could improve.
I rarely use FB and never Twitter, therefore a more genuin and cared-for update/notification-system would be a good benefit for us all.

As i would like new major release info or new versions (yes you have the auto update but maybe dont want to update but instead get a notice that its released)
But not special offers as i would search them up by my self.

Happy new year!


I also purchased PRO+OCR and continue to receive requests for additional monies to unlock additional functionality (even though these were paid for under the original subscription). I did pay an additional $59 to unlock OCR functionality through an additional Pro subscription when prompted.

However, today, I still have no OCR functionality and I still receive messages suggesting I upgrade to achieve this.
This is all a bit concerning,. Have been in email conversations with support since April 20th but to date no solution, no refund.


Have you switched from freeware to pro version in the top menus?
Iwe noticed this behavior as well and it's just bad practice to not enable pro+ocr function when installing or adding the license...


Hi all,

most likely PDF Architect Free is activated on your PC and not PDF Architect Professional + OCR as it should. How to switch the active product for PDF Architect:

What suggestions did PDF Architect Support give you so far? Did you ask for a refund?

Kind regards


That's where i was going as well, as far as i remember i thought that it was an bad practice on how you install the pro version as i logg in it did not ask me to enable the pro version after start again as far i remember, but i can be wrong!