Bounding Box EPS


I'm trying to convert a PDF figure (vector format) to EPS (also vector format). When I choose EPS (or PS) as the output format of PDFCreator all looks fine except that the bounding box is incorrect. Hence not the full picture is visible when I view it for example in GSview.

What am I doing wrong? Is there something special that I need to set to get the bounding box correct?

Hello MZEMP,

we are making PS-Data from CAD Systems and have the same probleme. I made a request by pdfforge and still wait for an answer. the only think i know is, wenn ein produce direktly a pdf, when i take the Printer pdfcreator than we get ja PDF in the correct format.


I'll be happy if you get a solution

When printing to EPS, you have to go to the properties of the “PDF Creator” printer and select the “Encapsulated Postscript (EPS)” as output. This is located iin the Layout->Advanced->Document Options->Postscript Output Options. The default selection of “Optimize Portability” produces a wrong bounding box.