BUG: Apparently impossible to convert ps files bigger than 2 GB


We create rather big documents (lots of images), and apparently PDFCreator can't handle print jobs that result in .ps files bigger than 2 GB.

The ps file is created in the PDFCreator spool folder, but when the PDFCreator process tries to convert it to pdf, it just deletes the .ps file and doesn't create a PDF file...

Is this a known problem, and is it possible to solve it?

Some info:
- OS: Win XP 32bit
- Normal PDFCreator (no server installation)




We had a similar problem with PDF when producing a lot of bills (about 500 and more) into one pdf on a client (XP pro SP3) with max 1GB RAM. the PDF was about 3.5 GB.

When executing the same job on a client with 2 GB RAM the job worked fine!

So prove the amount of RAm youre using - perhaps thats the bottle neck?