Bug in Printing the pdf-File


there is a bug in printing the filename of a pdf-file: when printing a file named "2014 - Allg. Pathology", then the printed pdf-filename ends after the dot. Maybe you can fix this bug!

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which version of PDFCreator are you using?
We couldn’t reproduce this in version 1.9.5.

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yes it works in version 1.9.5 thanks! i was using the stable 1.7.3 Version before, i will use the newer version from now on!

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but i just realised another small bug in the new version 1.9.5: when printing a pdf-file (because pdfcreator reduzes the file size) -> the generated file is named “filename.pdf.pdf”, there is a “pdf” too much :slight_smile:


it is not an actual bug, but the term .pdf is missing in the default title substitution list, you can add it in the application settings->Title, substitute .pdf with blank. We will consider adding this to the list of default substitutions.

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