Bug with terminal serveur 2008 R2


I create pdf documents at runtime with vb6 application using procedure described in then pdf COM examples: \\VB6\\Sample1.

Untill i used TS 2008 all was working nice. With TS 2008  pdf file is not created (you can try with sample1.vbp)

After investigations it seems there is problem with TEMP folder because PDFCreator creates a spool folder in TEMP and an other folder spool in TEMP/[sessionID] and i think there is a confusion and at a moment PDFCreator can't found the file and doesn't create the PDF.

This problems occurs only using class object pdf (with vb6), when i use the pdcreator as printer from a windows application pdfcreator open the Save Dialog box and there is no problem, the pdf file is created.

Thanks in advance for help.