Bulk (batch) printing



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I have a question, and I want to hear your ideas and experience you have how to tackle this. We use PDF Creator on a regular basis for creating PDF files out of word or excel files. However, once or twice a month we have ~ 1,000 word files whcih we need to convert to PDF. Opening and printing one by one is slow and time-consuming process. What are the alternatives to this? Is there a way to make PDF Creator work from Windows explorer shell? For example while browsing in explorer I can select 100 word files at a time and click "Send to Print with PDF Creator" and then it will process one word file by one - is there something like this or similar that can help us make this automatic?


An other alternative could be a Word macro?



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I have also been wondering if there is a batch process available. In my case, I need to convert 150+ PDF documents to TIF images. It would be great if I could do it in batch.

Batch Printing Software
Batch printing large volumes of documents is a time consuming and frustrating process. Ease the burden now - just copy the documents you want printed and paste them in a folder monitored by SilentPrint...