Business/Institution Sponsorship

My business really likes this software. But much like numerous users, we despise the toolbar. It has caused numerous problems with my customers and has called our reputations into question (and yours as well looking on your own forums). Have you considered asking for sponsorships from businesses and other institutions rather than resort to the toolbar? You may be surprised at how many sponsors you could get.

Right now, I can afford to sponsor you folks for $50-75/month ($600-$900/yr) but only if the toolbar is removed completely. I can't put my, or my company's name anywhere near this product in its current state.

If any other companies or institutions are interested in some form of sponsorship (tax deductible) we should show our support and hopefully Philip & Frank will realize that the needed money can be raised responsibly without causing grief to the user base.

I have sent the developers a direct email as well and hopefully this will push towards repairing reputations, solve the problems of hurt users, and raise the necessary funds.