Business paid licensing for 50+ copies, if we re-load a computer, what happens to the license?

We can’t use the PDFCreater server as people want the ability to save the .pdf where ever they want.

If we purchase 100 copies of PDF Creator, load them on a 100 computers and gradually over time the computers are re-loaded for a new user, what happens with the licenses?

Are we free to load and re-load?

How does this work?



Hello Kal,

you can contact our support at any time and ask them to reset the activations.
PDFCreator will contact the license server everytime it is launched and automatically re-register the machine it is instaled on. If a machine doesn’t contact PDFCreator for some time, the license server will free up the activation. It is alos possible to login to our license server as user and block individual machines to free up activations if necessary.

Best regards,