Button to print a form in pdfcreator



I need to create a button in a form (acrobat XI) that when click, print directly in pdfcreator (without windows or acrobat reader or pdfcreator) the sheet in a directory and with a specific name: for example in c: \ tests and whose name be the current date; of course in PDF.

I hope your help. Thank you


Hi @masahi007

I didn't work with acrobat XI yet.

Maybe you can use the button to control PDFCreator using command line parameters?


Thanks Florian,

Do you work with Acrobat? I think the version is not important for this.

do you know that I should write (javascript) in the button?

Thank you


You're welcome.

No I didn't work with Acrobat at all, unfortunately. :confused:

I'm not quite sure if JavaScript is usually able to launch the windows command line on the local PC but it might be possible to tell the viewer to print to a specific printer.
We'll need to see if we can find a documentation for printing with JavaScript in PDFs.