Bypassing printing of pdf docs

Is there is a way to configure PDFCreator to bypass printing of certain files extensions, just save them to the AutosaveDirectory?

I have a situations where I already have a PDF document (embedded in some other application) and conversion is not needed anymore. Saving this document would not be an ideal solution.
I would like to print with PDFCreator printer, because I have an integration with other application, which I configure in RunProgramAfterSavingProgramname. What is happening today is the existing pdf document is printed to PDFCreator and sometimes I am unable to copy and paste resulting text context, it is just becomes garbage.

I would appreciate your help and suggestions.
Thank you!

Hi there,

Are you currently using PDFCreator Free 3.2.2? I would need to speak to a colleague / developer about your possibilities.

I am wondering if a 'normal' script or CS Script would be able to bypass the print of certain files:

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Yes, I am currently on the latest build PDFCreator Free 3.2.2.
I do have 2 applications, which I can call with RunProgramBeforeSavingProgramname and RunProgramAfterSavingProgramname. If there is a way to get a file name with full path with command line parameter of the original document, it would be enough for me to resolve this issue.
Maybe there is a temp folder, where the original document is copied before calling Ghost script?



if you call PDFCreator though a command line, PDFCreator can detect the file type and PDF files will not get printed but processed directly.
If you need full control, the COM interface offers the most flexibility:

When you directly print to the PDFCreator printer, it isn't possible to bypass certain file types, as everything is converted to Postscript first. But changing the default printing application for PDF files might get rid of the copy and paste issues.

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