C# , windows server and pdfcreator multithreaded


I have a multi user app that requires converting office documents to pdf (ideally to images for previews).

My question is that will pdfcreator work on a server environment as an API that I can call from whatever language C# etc

Could you please recommend the appropriate version and also let me know what file formats are supported. I need office documents and msg files to be converted to PDF on the fly and concurrently by two or more threads.


Hi Amar,

I am afraid PDFCreator / PDFCreator Server might not meet the requirements for this scenario.
In any case, it works as virtual printer, so the office documents need to get printed from an office application to PDFCreator.
An additional problem might be that currently the PDFCreator Server doesn’t have an API yet, but all other editions require a user logged into the server.

Best regards