Can I install PDF creator twice for different setups

I already use PDFCreator for generating pdf files, but rather than change the setup each time to create ‘tif’ files can I install the program a second time with a different name/setup for when I need to generate tif files?

If I can, can someone help with ‘simple’ instruction please?


Hi Steve,

you can create an additional virtual PDFCreator printer and assign the tif profile to it.
Here is some additional information on how to create and configure the additional PDFCreator printer:
If you have any questions, we will be happy to help.

Best regards,


Hi Robin,

Thanks for the link, however while I have created a second printer named ‘TIFCreator’ but I can not set the profile to tif such that it is saved for next time.

If I use the PDFCreator printer it resets the profile to default for the TIFCreator printer.
Hope that makes sense.

So how do I set each printer profile to save in either the output file type?