Can not uninstall PDF Creator (in order to install latest version)

When I try to uninstall PDF Creator using the Windows Control Panel I get the following error:

"Internal error: Cannot find utCompileCode record for this version of the uninstaller."

I have version 0.9.9 installed; when I try to install version 1.0.2, I get the following error: 

"The program is installed already.  For a new installation uninstall the program first.  The setup will be cancelled."

As I can not uninstall it, I am stuck.  Help?!


I ended up buying Error Expert which has (among other tools) a forced uninstall application and that did the trick.  It missed two items:
-- it didn't remove c:windows\\system32\\pdfcmnnt.dll
-- it didn't remove the printer ("device") "PDFCreator"

The first interrupted the install of version 1.0.2 so I used a command prompt run as administrator (right click) to rename that file to pdfcmnnt.dl_ and by selecting "retry" on the interrupted install it worked.

The second item caused the install to make me give the device another name (I used "PDFCreator102"), and the result is that only "PDFCreator" appears in the device manager, but both ("PDFCreator" and "PDFCreator102") appear in the application selection of a printer - EITHER works, though it would be better to remove the "PDFCreator" printer device after the uninstall and before the new install.

Error Expert can be purchased at (I have zero connection with the company), and the free version does NOT give you the forced uninstall application.