Can only install PDF Architect on one computer?

Why can I only install PDF Architect on one computer? Most companies allow two per person since most people have a desktop and laptop! I found out this is your policy. This is a dumb policy and should be changed to accommodate business people that travel with their laptops and not their desktops. I sure hope you change this stupid policy. You won’t win many customers with a “one only” computer policy. Can I get a refund so I can buy one of your competitors software. I happen to also have Wondershare which allows two computers!  

LocalMediaMaster, LLC
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I have to agree. Developers have become real shady and make it quite difficult for one to read a EULA. Only developers seem to get away with this. I have less empathy for them when their work is pirated and once again they fail to see from an honest end user when licensing information becomes a complicated search. At least they could offer a massive discount for an extra license or have a 2 machine limit.

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I can’t believe they are still selling it like this. What a ripoff. And it seems if you reinstall you have to get the license key moved by contacting support. I would have never bought this had I known.

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I agree with this since I’d have to purchase another one just for my laptop. Should be a two-computer license at a minimum.

The information in this thread is no longer up to date; the account based licensing now allows to install on up to 3 machines. If you recently purchased a perpetual license but would like to switch to an account based one in order to be able to use it on up to 3 machines, please contact support(at) and it should be possible to switch this free of any charges in most cases.

after doing some digging around on the main site, it seems the "Perpetual Licensing" which im sure most people get, only allows up to one installation. in order to get three/3 you need to click on the business tab and get an Annual Account Subscription plan. i don't like these options too but this editor does come with some rare features i needed.