Can we use watermarks with PDF creator? Please

I really need to add watermarks using PDF creator.  any help would be greatly appreciated



have a look at the "Scripts" folder in you PDFCreator installation. (haven't tried it myself)


if you want a watermark to every pdf you create, you can mark the action "after saving"-box and select the "addwatermarktopdf.vbs"-script.(pdfcreator ->-settings ->action -> action after saveing)

But attention, take a look at the script. You have to install pdftk-1.12. In  "addwatermarktopdf.vbs" is the path to pdftk defined as well as the name of your watermark-file.

You can also run the script from commandline ""addwatermarktopdf.vbs file.pdf". The script is found in C:\\program files\\PDFCreator\\scripts\\RunProgramAfterSaving.

Good luck


I cannot solve a problem I am having with this watermark script.

tfname = fso.GetTempName yields a temp file name

but this line

WshShell.Run PathToPdftk & " """ & fname & """ background """ & WatermarkPDF & """ output """ & tfname & """",0,true

does not see the temp file. It gives me an error: "The system cannot find the file specified." Source: (null)

and when I put this line ahead of the shell command...

If Not fso.FileExists(tfname)

it equates to TRUE.

So my temp file does not exist. Please let me know if there's anything else I can do.


The WshShell line must look like this:

WshShell.Run """"&PathToPdftk&"""" & " """ & fname & """ background " & " """ & WatermarkPDF & """ output """ & tfname & """",0,true

Good luck!

See also here: and here:

Did you ever find the solution to this? I am getting the same error - system cannot find the file specified on line 50 of the .vbs file. My path to the WatermarkPDF and PathToPdftk are both correct.

Never mind, I missed Ivar’s post above, changing this line in the VBS file fixed it - many thanks!!


keep in mind the script only works with the specified version of pdftk, using a different version will not work. You can try the preview version of our PDFCreator rewrite, which has the ability to add watermarks without a script, but is not 100% finished yet.