Cannot find file created during "print" process to create pdf

I am having a frustrating issue. The tool shows up as a printer I can select and the “print to file” button is greyed out, so I must click “print”. There is a brief “save” indicator and then no file exists anywhere. Where do they go and can that default directory be permanently changed? When do I have an opportunity to create the proper name for the file?

I am frustrated that now I cannot open “normal” pdf files because your tool has apparently selected itself as the default, vs Adobe (which works great but would not allow me to “print to file”).

I’ve tried uninstalling your tool this morning and it WILL NOT deinstall. Now I cannot open or print PDF.



sorry for the trouble.

It sounds like you are having issues with both PDFCreator and PDF Architect (PDF Architect is the viewer that gets installed together with PDFCreator, if you didn’t deselect it during the instalaltion, PDF Architect will now be the default app for opening PDFs on your machine.) You can easily set this back to an app of your choice by right-clicking onto any PDF and then selecting “open with->choose default application” from the context menu.
Did you try to uninstall PDFCreator, or PDF Architect? Both should work, but there is a known issue with PDF Architect sometimes not creating an uninstall entry.

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