Cannot print as unprivileged user

I’m trying to add two virtual pdf printers: first one with autosave option, secoond one with default behavior (choosing filename and path before each documment). I had installed pdfcreator with server option, made two profiles and printers. Everything works fine, but only with administrator privileges. After log into normal user (in domain) I can see these two printers, but when I’m trying to print something, queue stays empty. As I check, all print requests are added not in user queue, but in administrator’s one. When I log again to administrator account, I can see all my queued jobs. What I should do, to direct all my user jobs to user queue?

PS. Note, that pdfcreator was installed at admin account.


did you already see this:
“Note: When using a server installation, make sure to create a share for the printer with user access rights belonging to yourself. Also, make sure that at least one instance of PDFCreator is open. You can install PDFCreator as a service by using the “instsrv.exe” and “srvany.exe” tools from the resource kit of your Windows installation. If you do install PDFCreator as a service, make sure to use a user account with access rights writing in a Auto-Save directory. Settings can only be changed on the server. Users cannot change any settings in PDFCreator.”
If this doesn´t help because you did it like described above and it still doesn´t work, please tell us.