Cannot Print full Size D Arch Sheet in Revit 2020 LT

Revit 2020 LT user; PDF Architect 7 Driver - Cannot print full-size Arch D 24x36 sheet without 1" border being cut off. I use 3/4" margin/border on the top and bottom of my title block and PDF Architect's drive creates a page size that is 22x34. It is frustrating because if the name of the sheet is Size D universally that means it is supposed to be 24x36.

Furthermore, I tried to troubleshoot this by looking for the page set up in the program, or tried to see if there was another similar-sized sheet but cannot find one. Has anyone had this error or come up with a solution? Can someone from PDF Architect's team please point me to where I can fix this? Thanks in advance.

Can anyone help? I have the same issue and need to find a solution. Otherwise the PDF Architect is useless for me.

I ended up downloading 'Cute PDF writer' it is free and works great for Arch D size prints. I only use PDF architect viewer for marking up and reviewing now, and I do not use their driver. Hope that helps.