Cannot print with options file


I am using a server installaion of PDFCreator on a webserver to automatically convert user uploaded word documents into PDFs. The PDFs are auto-saved into a directory within the site.

We are now splitting the site into two separate sites and require each site to deposit the PDF into its own directory (so effectively we need PDFCreator to deposit into 2 directories).

I understand the /OptionsFile parameter does just this. I used the options GUI to create an ini file and saved it to my disk.

When I run the command line, PDFCreator opens up word and tries to print (as usual), however it fails saying "Windows cannot print due to a problem with the current printer setup".

Do you have any ideas what is going on?

The command line i'm running is:


"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\PDFCreator\\PDFCreator.exe"  \\OptionsFile"C:\\pdftools\\setup.ini" /PF"C:\\test.docx"


 Server is windows server 2008

Many Thanks,

 Ok, found a work-around for the problem above by using a different user account (i guess the settings for the user I was using were broken or something). 

I then had the problem of the command line not taking into account the OptionsFile parameter. So I reinstalled as a standard version (not the server version) and it works...

Is the OptionsFile parameter not supported with the server installation?