Can't add printers


First of all, thanks for such a wonderful piece of software.

Since a couple of months ago, I can't add virtual printers with PDFCreator. After an update (of the 2.X branch), the printers disappeared and I wasn't able to add any new ones (this happened around christmas, maybe). I thought it was a bug, but after searching a bit, I didn't find more people with this issue, so I just wait a couple of weeks to see if newer versions fixed the issue. I downloaded today the latest version, and the issue remains. In this link you can see a video of the add process. The UAC screens prompts for permission, but that's not captured by the video (as expected). The video is here

I use windows 7 x64. As I said, I used 1.7 and 2.0 versions without a hitch, and I'm currently using the latest 1.7 version. Any clues?


please try completely uninstalling PDFCreator and installing it again manually.
The setup can be found here:

If you are using PDFCreator Plus the setup can be found here: 

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Thanks for looking into my issue. Checked the last version (the one you link to) and now it works! GREAT!