Can't change Custom PostScript Page Size in Printing Preferences

I use PDFCreator 2.5.3 and Windows 7. I’m trying to set the custom PostScript page size under Control Panel > Devices and Printers > PDFCreator > Printing Preferences to 5.75 x 8.75 inches and it’s not possible. When I type 5.75 in the Width field and press Tab to go to the Height field, the value changes to 0.00. When I just type 5.75 and click OK, I receive an “Custom Page Size Error” and the width changes to 1 inch. I can enter integer values (ie. no decimal places) and click OK, but the values change when I open the Custom Page Size dialog again.

Changing the custom PageScript page size used to work with an older version of PDFCreator, but I don’t remember which version it was.

I can change the PostScript page size in the print task options.


not sure what exactly is going wrong here, but in case you need to use the same custom size multiple times, you could create a new form with the desired dimensions with Windows Print Management. Are you sure measurement unit was set to inches? If it was set to mm it might have been below the minimum possible size.

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Hi Robin,

Yes, I created a new form, but I wanted to let you know about the problem, especially since the method worked until I installed the latest version of PDFCreator.

And yes, the unit was set to inches, not mm.