Can't Delete pdfs - says PDFArchitect has them open, EVEN after I've closed PDFArchitect

can't Delete pdfs - says PDFArchitect has them open, EVEN after I've closed PDFArchitect.

I thought i closed PDFArchitect and no longer see it in Task Bar.
But still, pdf files won't delete (or move to another folder), saying PDFArchitect is has them open.
I do see PDFArchitect modules running in Task Manager.
How fix this so i can delete or move pdf files?

in case you purchased PDF Architect, make sure to contact our support team here:

Personally, I didn't encounter this issue. Maybe someone else has an idea. :slight_smile:

i did the Hibernate thing in PDF Architect and then i could Delete files (and Move files also). Thank you Florian.

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I am having the same problem. How do you do the hibernate thing?

I also have this problem... Fresh install of PDF A V7. What is the "Hibernate thing?

Hibernating allows PDF Architect to startup faster.
It's probably not needed if you have a modern PC.
You can turn it off in Options -> General

Disabling the Hibernate does seem to fix the lock on the file problem. Although there still remains residual background PDF Architect processes even when the application is closed.

Would you please contact the PDF Architect Support Team for further assistance?
You can reach them here:

Feel free to share the solution. :slight_smile:

try to rename the file to some random letters or words and delete it,it works for me though