Can't print colors from HTML that come from cascade style sheet (css)

Lets use the web page at the url below so that we have a specific problem to go solve

If I print the above url to my color printer, the color does not print. Consequently, when print the same page to PDFCreator, I was not surprised that the color also does not print. The weird part is that only colors generated on the HTML using cascade style sheets (CSS) are the only colors that do not print.

In the next upgrade, would you consider adding the capability to print colors from HTML pages that are generated using cascade style sheets ?

I am running 0.9.9 of PDFCreator.

I searched and the closest that I came to my problem was


Your software works.

It was my mistake. I forgot to

In Firefox, Menu - File - Page Setup. Check the "Print Background (colors &
images) under options in the tab "Format & Options"