"Can't print to PDF Creator" (link printer driver<>PDFConvert broken?)


Last week, one of our users called us for a problem printing to PDFCreator (from a Windows XP machine, connected to Netware servers). The document is sent to the printer properly, but the PDFCreator window does not show up. 

We redirected the temp directory to a local one so as not to get the Netware "roaming" users profiles filled with temporary stuff. So when I opened a session as a local Administrator (or as a user) on the very same machine, and after I launched a test page on the PDF Printer, not only I got the PDFCreator window as expected, but I also got all the documents the user had sent to the printer. So it seems to me the problem is located in the user's profile (How smart I am?). 

I uninstalled PDFCreator v0.9.8 to install the v0.9.9 without success.
I recreated the user's profile since, no avail. I wonder where I should look at to fix this on the current user's profile (and on the default one as well). Registry entry? ApplicationData folder ? 

Any kind soul? 

Thanks in advance. 

Hi Gay,

Got exactly the same problem with my EeePc (Windows 7). PdfCreator is 0.9.9.

When opening PdfCreator and launching a test print, all is fine : Pdf is located where it should and is correct. But when printing any file, no Pdf  is produced, no error message neither. Just ... nothing ! Same (or better : no ...) result when opening PdfCreator screen before printing a file.

Did you get the solution in the meantime ? If not, does anybody of the community have an answer to this strange problem ? I don't even know where to start searching !

Thanks so much in advance !


 Those problems with printing that disappeared in ver 0.9.8 and 0.9.9 were all gone, when I upgraded på ver. 1.0.0.


No Laorana. The problem hasn't been solved as of today nor I got any reply to this message. Now we are 2. 

Fortunately the user has a "B-plan", since we have already installed an Add-In to MS Office 2007 that allows to export to PDF/XPF right from the application. 

The problem is still here for all the other applications wich don't provide such a feature. Please note that the Add-In does not seem to interfere with PDFCreator on the other systems (nor with OOo installed on some "at will"). 

Have a nice day.