CCITTFaxDecode with pdfforge.dll


first of all: thanks for the great software!

Now: how can I tell pdfforge.dll to encode with the CCITTFaxDecode-filter?

When converting a BW (2 color) tiff with the Images2PDF.vbs which uses pdfforge.dll, the resulting PDF will be created with the DCTDecode-filter (JPEG), resulting in a _large_ file compared to the tiff (e.g. 500kB compared to 22kB).

Instead when I print and save the tiff with the PDFCreator app, the resulting PDF is _small_ (e.g. 20kB), a look inside shows me that the CCITTFaxDecode-filter is used, which is ideally suited for losless BW-image compression.

So inside Images2PDF.vbs, can I tell pdfforge.dll to use the more appropriate CCITTFaxDecode? How?

Thanks a lot, toga.