Change "Profile Settings" before starting printer using C#


i want to change Profile Settings, before starting printing through .NET C#.
As i get it I have to use SetProfileSetting, but i can use it only when PrintJob is initialized.
> PdfCreatorObj pdfPrinter = new PdfCreatorObj();
> Queue jobQueue = new Queue();
> try {
> jobQueue.Initialize();
> PrintJob printJob = jobQueue.NextJob;
> printJob.SetProfileSetting(“AutoSave.Enabled”, “true”);
>catch { }
>finally {
> jobQueue.ReleaseCom();
But in my case i dont have PrintProcess.
Is it possible to change profile before Print started?



I don’t think this is possible but it seems there is just a general misunderstanding here.
You can’t activate autosave through the COM interface. Rather you need to use ConvertTo in order to start the conversion. So as long as you set the profile/settings after initializing the printjob object but before calling ConvertTo they will be applied. Here is a link to the basic steps guide:

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