Changing PDF Creators default settings within Excel

PDF Creator Version 1.7.3
Windows 7 64 bit

I am doing some work which involves me opening up Excel spreadsheets and saving the first and third tab of the spreadsheets as two separate PDF files.

From the first tab I hit CTRL + P to bring up the print menu.

I then choose PDF Creator as my printer and hit enter.

That brings up a new window where I can change the name of the PDF file I want to create. In this window I can also change the profile I want it saved as. By default it saves as a standard PDF. Each time I have to click the drop down menu and change that to PDF/A 2b file.

Is there a way to set that as default? It is such a tiny thing but I have thousands of files to work through and it would save me a lot of time. Anyone? 


you can select PDF/A 2b as default format in the “save” section of the PDFCreator options for the default profile.

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