"check for updates" annoyance

I understand the need for advertising on the PDFCreator download page, however, when I see a large green arrow next to"PDFCreator" and the word "Download", it's hard not to click on it. Especially when the button above it, (which is the correct one) does not at first appear to be clickable due to the relatively limited area of clickability. And especially when there is no other product label next to that green arrow to suggest you are choosing anything other than to download PdfCreator.

If you do click on the green arrow, you are asked to download a package called "download manager". Which seems innocent enough. When you then run that program from your desktop is when you begin to feel that PDFCreator is some cheap marketing tool  - a series of options to install various toolbars, make Bing your default, etc, etc. are presented to you. Until finally there is a progress bar that repeats itself for some time then disappears. Then you look for PDF creator on your desk top and it is not there.  Then you run your anti-malware program and regret having visted the PDFCreator page.

  An easy fix for this would be to simply not allow the "green arrow" people to place the PDFCreator words/logo right next to it and to put an honest product name there instead.

Unless...PdfCreator IS the green arrow people...?