I am attempting to change the AutodsaveDirecotry and AutosaveFilename using CLSPDFCreator.   When I step through my code and watch those properties they do change to what I am telling them to, but when I print it still prints to the directory and filename that was originally set.

I am still just using PDFCreator as a printer and printing from another program, not through PDFCreators API.   So how do I change the options so that if after setting them, they work when printing from another program?


have you read this: ?

(all settings have to saved with function cSaveOptions or the changes will have no effect.)



Thanks Robin.  That was what I needed.  I had been searching for some way to save from within clsPDFCreatorOptions.   I was also trying savetofile, but was never able to get it to work.  I was just about ready to just edit the registry every time, but will instead use this method.