Cobol - pdf

Hi everyboby

Has anyone used pdfcreator from cobol? (Acucobol extend 8)
I have tested with the COM interface (using AutosaveDirectoty and utosaveFilename) and it doesn't work.

It is something like this:
 create @clsPDFCreator of @PDFCreator handle in PDF-App
 modify PDF-App, @cOption("useAutosave" , 1)
 modify PDF-App, @cOption("useAutosaveDirectory", 1 )
 modify PDF-App, @cOption("AutosaveDirectory" , filedir ) 
 modify PDF-App, @cOption("AutosaveFilename" , filenam )

If anyone has a COM example that works in cobol, it would be nice.
I just want to generate a pdf from a cobol program with a particular output name.

I also tested with the command line, using /IF /OF. This works on my pc with xp, but it
does not work if I run it on the server (W2003).