COM Interface 3.2.2: Overwriting Files

Hello Robin,

We are using release 3.2.2 Build 13517 for the past few weeks. The ConvertTo is not overwriting the PDF's as we want it to any more. Now it is adding the "_#" suffix to every file name. Strangely enough, not on every computer. One client and I have the same registry settings for autosave, EnsureUniqueFilenames = False. Mine will overwrite, hers does not.

This is getting ugly. I am spending the better part of my days chasing the files that should be overwritten, and replacing them with the highest iteration of the suffix.

Please help!

Code Snippet:
DoCmd.PrintOut acPrintAll
Do Until oPDFQueue.Count > 0
Set oPDFJob = oPDFQueue.NextJOB
oPDFJob.SetProfileSetting "OutPutFormat", "PDF"
oPDFJob.ConvertTo sFileName

Thank You!

Hi @Pappione

Kindly contact us using the priority contact form in your PDFCreator software or via the knowledge base contact form and forward us your exported settings (export in the debug tab) and your script. If you're able to get export the settings at your clients PC, kindly send them over.
I'd like to take a look into the issue. Can't promise anything, though.

Best regards!

the only thing I can currently think of which could potentially cause this behavor is the files being locked when PDFCreator tries to overwrite them, could you check if that might be the case? The log you supplied only shows a single print job which doesn't seem to have added the suffix.

Best regards


Hi Robin,
I apologize for letting so much time pass!
I do not have permissions to your website with my main work computer (company policy), but the company that is acquiring our division has issued us new laptops, and there is no problem accessing your site. However, the applications that use your COM object will not run in this environment yet; not to mention we are still working with their purchasing department to get your product on these machines.

But, to respond to your last question: No, it doesn't have anything to do with the files being locked. The code checks for that, and I have manually verified this process with local files that are closed. I am trying to remember which files that I sent to you; however, I am uploading a file from my laptop that I just received that is producing these "suffixed files".

Hopefully this helps ... I am having a hard time convincing procurement from the acquiring
company to get this because they see the time spent supporting the affected clients.

Thank You!

PDFCreator_Trace_PatrickCohan_Pappione.log.txt (10.0 KB)

Attaching the same job's log, with "Debug" info appended to it.

PDFCreator_Trace_PatrickCohan_Pappione.log.txt (21.1 KB)