COM interface Get_PrintJobInfo

Has anyone had any success with using the PrintJobInfo object?
I get this error each time I try to use it:
Unable to get COM type information for COM class "": COM error 0x8002802b, described as "Element not found."
I can't find any examples in the documentation and no tutorials or information in the forum. Any help is appreciated.

To test PrintJobInfo make a copy of the following sample script file and put it out of "C:\Program Files" so you can modify it without any harm:

"C:\Program Files\PDFCreator\Com Scripts\JS Scripts\How To\ConvertFileAsync.js"

This script creates a pdf, named TestPage.pdf and located in the %TEMP% folder, containing the Windows printer test page.

Modify the script this way:

after the line 38 containing this:
var job = PDFCreatorQueue.NextJob;

insert the following code:

var oPrintJobInfo = job.PrintJobInfo;

"PrintJobName: " + oPrintJobInfo.PrintJobName + "\n" +
"PrintJobAuthor: " + oPrintJobInfo.PrintJobAuthor + "\n" +
"Subject: " + oPrintJobInfo.Subject + "\n" +
"Keywords: " + oPrintJobInfo.Keywords + "\n" +
"Producer: " + oPrintJobInfo.Producer);

You can also set those properties:

oPrintJobInfo.PrintJobName = "Test page";
oPrintJobInfo.PrintJobAuthor = "Gianni";
oPrintJobInfo.Subject = "Testing PrintJobInfo";
// oPrintJobInfo.Producer = "Producer";

but only PrintJobName and PrintJobAuthor will be set in the pdf file just created.

To view these properties you must open the pdf file with a pdf reader and look for Properties.

The following code is needed to set also Subject and Keywords
(see: COM Interface access to Subject and Keywords )

After the line containing this:

insert the following code:

// job.SetProfileSetting("TitleTemplate", "Test page");
// job.SetProfileSetting("AuthorTemplate", "Gianni");
job.SetProfileSetting("SubjectTemplate", "Testing PrintJobInfo");
job.SetProfileSetting("KeywordTemplate", "PRINT,PAGE,TEST,PDF,PDFFORGE,PDFCREATOR,FORUM");