Com interface : merge pdf problem from PNG to PDF with PDF CREATOR 2.3

I need help with the creation of a C++ program that has to merge several PDF into one using PDFCreator 2.3 COM interface.
My problem is that when I have to merge a small number of PDF, the merged PDF is created, but with hundreds of PDF, it’s not.
I looked at the CppCOMTest project in the PDFCreator folder and I have some questions:

  • Do I have to WaitForJobs(300, 15) after I called AddFileToQueue 300 times?
  • Is “PDFCreator::IPDFCreatorPtr pdfPtr(__uuidof(PDFCreator::PDFCreatorObj))” the right way to get a PDFCreator object?
  • Is there something special to do between MergeAllJobs and NextJob?
  • In your examples, you test !printJob->IsFinished || !printJob->IsSuccessful immediately after printJob->ConvertTo. But do I have to wait after my ConvertTo? Because the test always fails (even when the PDF is made)

Ideally, can you give us an example of using AddFileToQueue to then MergeAllJobs and ConvertTo?