COM interface not installed completely

I tried to install PDF Creator version 0.9.3 and 0.9.9 on Windows XP. When I inspect installed COM objects using dcomcnfg, I can see these:

  • PDFCreator.clsPDFCreatorError
  • PDFCreator.clsTools
  • PDFCreator.clsUpdate

The COM Interface aticle ( mentions other classes, but they were not installed:

  • clsPDFCreator
  • clsPDFCreatorInfoSpoolFile
  • clsPDFCreatorOptions

Is there anything I can do to install these classes? Has anyone encountered a similar problem?




I have the same issue.  I had an old version of PDFcreator which I uninstalled and then installed 0.9.9.  I now do not have any cls file in the com directory.  Ihave have uninstalled and reinstalled again with he same result. Even tried a new install on a different PC and still I dont get the cls files.