Combine all and send errors out

Issue:  Function "Combine all and Send" errors out with message: "-2147467259 (cannot create file: .pdf. Right-click the folder you want to create the file in, and then click Properties on the shortcut menu to check your permissions for the folder.)

Modul:  clsPDFCreatorMail
Procedure:  MSOutlookEmail
Line:  50110"

To reproduce the error, my user is doing the following MANY times a day, sometimes around 20 or 30 times a day:

  • Print a file to the PDFCreator driver. 
  • When prompted, click on Wait and Collect.
  • Click on the Combine all and Send button on the PDFCreator toolbar.
  • This will produce the error sometimes.

My theory is, this Combine and Send function when it creates the PDF file to send, it always uses a filename of ".pdf".  There is NO filename, only a file extension.  This doesn't seem like a good practice in general, but I think it keeps trying to over-write itself and at some point, the file is in use and it can't overwrite the ".pdf" file.  I would think it would be good for it to create a random file name, or a filename of YYYYmmddHHMMSS.pdf.  At least that way it wouldn't be trying to overwrite itself each time this processes is done.

Anyone know if a quick fix for this issue?

Thank you!

This is more or less a combination of problems.  First of all, the first PDF in the queue apparently passes NO information to PDFCreator that can be used to create a filename.  Combine All uses the filename info from the first PDF in the queue for the entire combined file.  Finally, while the regular Save buttons pop up dialog boxes to provide filenames, the Send button apparently does not--it always uses the default name.

There's three possible ways around that:

  • Change the other program's defaults so that it sends a potential filename to PDFCreator.
  • Always save the file to your hard drive before sending.
  • Change the Save page in PDFCreator options so that it always generates SOME kind of name--i.e., change the default  to foo so that the auto-generated filename always begins with "foo" (i.e., "foo.pdf" if there's no ).  Of course, you can use anything you want in place of "foo".  (There's also a token that basically implements one of your suggestions, i.e., default to the date & time it was generated.)

I tried to add some of those tags to the default file name, and that only works if you do the Save on the PDF file.  If you have it collect the prints, and then do the Email document from PDFCreator window, it doesn't ask you for a name and always names the file ".pdf" and attaches it to an email.  This looks like a bug in the software.  No way around it, I just hope they fix it in a future version.