Combine PDFs


I really like the Beta but had to revert to the older version. Is there a timeline for the Wait/Combine PDF capability to be added to the Beta? (the last post about it indicated that it would be added for the build targeted for the first week of March–that was posted about 2/11–but it looks like that was overly optimistic). I would have just commented on that thread, but it showed as not allowing comments due to my new account. Oops. 



yes, we are still waiting for one thing to be completed, but we are looking at releasing the new version (1.9.3) next week and this will contain the combine feature. If you like, we can provide you with a preview version of that, as most things are finished already and tests also looked good.

Hey Philip

Any word on the combine feature yet?  Has it been added to the Beta version?  Let me know.  

It’s there, but it is a little harder to discover. 

After printing the first doc, the PDFCreator panel displays. You can leave it alone. Then print another document. Once you have two documents queued, a message that you have “N-more jobs waiting” appears and a Manage button is displayed. Click Manage to merge the queued documents into one.

yes, we are not quite happy with the position yet. We are also thinking of putting a text at the same place with something like “Print more jobs to merge multiple documents” or something like that if there are currently not further jobs, so it is easier to discover that this functionality exists.

Found the feature and yes it was a bit hard to locate.  If there was maybe a default setting or a button once the 1st file is printed like the old version it would be much easier.  Also, is there any way to maybe view the files when they are in the print queue so it makes arranging them easier?

A possibility to ad existing/old pdf-files into the merge could be usefull.

In PDFCreator I have always missed an option to append new pages to the end of an old pdf-file.

@waterboy: a very good suggestion, we will look into that if we can have previews of the documents in there.

@mortenchristensen: This is a bit tough as PDFCreator uses PostScript files internally and they are hard to combine with PDFs, but you can do this with the free edition of PDF Architect (